Loan Programs

  • Programs

  • Max Loan Amount

  • % of Guaranty

  • Typical Use of Proceeds

  • Maturity

  • Max Interest Rates

  • Eligibility

  • Benefit to Borrower/Business

  • 7(a)
  • Up to $5 Million Gross
  • -85% for $150,000 or less

    -75% for $150,001 or greater ($3.75million MAX guaranty)
  • Term Loan. Expansion/ Renovation; new construction, purchase land, buildings, equipment, fixtures, leasehold improvements; working capital; refi debt; seasonal LOC, inventory
  • Working Capital: 5-7 years

    Equipment Loans: up to 10 years (unless useful life is longer than 10 yrs)

    Fixed asset loans: up to 25 yrs
  • Loans less than 7 years: max Prime + 2.25%

    Loans 7 yrs or more: max Prime + 2.75%

    Loans under $50,000 may be subject to higher interest rates
  • Must be a for profit business & meet SBA size standards; show good character, credit, management, and ability to repay. Must also be an eligible business.
  • Long-term financing; Improved cash flow; Fixed Maturity; No Balloons; No Prepayment penalty for loans w/ a term under 15 years.
  • SBA Express
  • $350,000
  • 50%
  • May be used for revolving lines of credit (up to 7 yr maturity) or for a term loan
  • -Revolving lines of credit for up to 7 years including term out period. Otherwise, same as 7(a).
  • Loans $50,000 or less; prime + 6.5%; Loans $50,000 & over; Prime + 4.5%
  • Same as 7(a)
  • Fast turnaround with a streamlined process; Easy to use line of credit
  • 504 Loans

    (Provided by Certified Development Companies (CDCs) Which are licensed By the SBA)
  • $5Million to $5.5Million

    (Depending on type of Business)
  • Project costs financed as follows:

    -CDC: up to 40% Non-guaranteed financing

    Lender: 50%

    Equity: 10% plus additional 5% if new business and/or 5% if special use property
  • Long-term fixed asset loans; Lender (non-Guaranteed) financing secured by first lien on project assets.

    CDC loan provided from SBA 100% guaranteed debenture sold to investors at fixed rate secured by 2nd lien. Owner Occupied.
  • -CDC Loan: 10 or 20 year term w/ fixed interest rate.

    Lender Loan: (unguaranteed) financing may have a shorter term. Can be fixed or adjustable rate.
  • Fixed rate on 504 loan established when debenture backing loan is sold.

    Declining prepayment penalty for ½ of term.
  • Alternative Size Standard: For-Profit Businesses that do not exceed $15 million in tangible net worth, and do not have average net income over $5 million.
  • -Low down pmt/equity (10-20%)

    -The equity contribution can be borrowed

    -Fees can be financed

    -SBA portion: Long term fixed rate; full amortization; No Balloons

  • **Additional Programs are available, please conact Strategic Banking Partners at [email protected] for further information.**
  • Source: Strategic Banking Partners / U.S Small Business Administration – Quick Reference Guide

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