Why SBP?

Why Outsourcing your SBA Department makes more sense.
Strategic Banking Partners is a resource that can be utilized to allow any size Community Bank or Credit Union access to the expertise in the SBA Lending Programs and general process reengineering. Why should you hire SBP? Let's look at some benefits:
  • Outsourced vs. In-House

  • Strategic Banking Partners

  • Community Bank or Credit Union

  • SBA Expertise
  • Strategic Banking Partners is already fully staffed with SBA and Commercial Loan Specialists who have over 100 years of combined experience in Commercial loans and of those, 30 years in SBA.

    Assistance and hands-on training with current personnel to identify ways SBA loan programs will benefit your client's needs.
  • Lengthy learning curve to teach current staff SBA and/or Conventional Commercial Underwriting Guidelines

    Place ads and conduct interviews to hire a new employee with the same Commercial Lending and SBA experience SBP already has
  • Future Scalability
  • SBP can handle any size transaction as well as increases in volume
  • Required to build capacity as volume increases
  • Speed of SBA launch
  • Can occur immediately!
  • Delayed execution due to lack of expertise
  • Upfront Costs
  • Significantly upfront lower costs.
  • Investment in specialized personnel (Including multiple expenses. I.e., salary, benefits, 401K, etc)
  • Service
  • Improved efficiencies and focused attention on clients.

    Ability to answer client questions about SBA programs as well as qualify them into the best fit program for their needs.
  • Decreased efficiencies due to multi tasking and lack of experience to properly assist customer requests and needs.
  • Risk Management
  • Dedicated staff with focus on details

    Portfolio review to ensure SBA compliance and that SBA guaranty is protected
  • Limited expertise leading to possible repairs, bad audits, or loss of SBA guaranty.
  • Process Reengineering
  • Review and document existing processes, procedures and software to make recommendations to improve overall operations.

    Create a credit policy for the Bank based on SBA and Bank guidelines.
  • Need to expand capabilities and improve customer experience

Welcome to SBP

Residential Services Strategic Banking Partners Inc was created on a simple premise.....As SBA Consultants, we challenge ourselves to provide solutions for our clients that are timely, reliable, efficient and improve their bottom line. Our unique backgrounds as bankers and SBA Lenders over a combined 30 year span have given us the perspective necessary to be exceptional partners to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering results that inspire confidence from our clients to enter the SBA lending market.

Our investment in the best proprietary software allows us to provide quality execution in a consistent manner. Our focus is to retain a visionary corporate culture with knowledgeable talent, prudent policies and effective processes. We take a "holistic" approach to help us determine what our clients' needs, concerns and ultimate goals are.