Our Services

  • Development of SBA Loan Policies and Procedures

    SBP can assist in the development of SBA Policies and Procedures specific to your lending institution.  The key elements will consist of SBA Portfolio Management, Underwriting Standards and Loan Administration.  The procedures will outline specific steps, forms, responsibilities for processing, closing, servicing and liquidating of the SBA loan. 

  • Loan Eligibility and Structuring Assistance

    SBP works with lenders to confirm loan eligibility standards are met and provide recommendations for loan structuring to meet the needs of the lender and the borrower. Our clients appreciate our early pre-screening efforts which frees up valuable resources.

  • Underwriting

    Our underwriting expertise goes beyond just SBA guidelines. When requested, our underwriters conduct an initial credit review when the package is received from the lender. Results of our initial review are provided to the lender for use when determining loan eligibility. If requested, SBP can prepare an SBA compliant credit analysis for use during the lender’s review and approval process.

  • Loan Packaging

    SBP can prepare the loan package for SBA approval. Our processes minimize the back and forth that can occur between SBA and the lender/borrower.

  • Lender File Reviews / Efficiency Reviews

    Our team of SBA experts reviews existing SBA loan portfolios and processes for adherence to the technical and operational standards established by SBA.  We identify deficiencies and recommend solutions.  Upon completion, SBP provides a complete report which is a useful management tool and when appropriate recommends the institution of procedures to minimize future errors.

  • Closing and Funding Services

    Once the SBA loan is approved, SBP can assemble the loan package for closing, ensuring that all SBA required documents are collected from the borrower and third parties and submitted to the attorney coordinating the closing.  When the loan is closed, a complete loan file will be returned to your financial institution along with a list of pending post-closing items, if any.

  • Secondary Market Sales

    SBP can identify and coordinate secondary market opportunities for your financial institution.  We can help you maximize your profits from the sale of your loans by providing the best resources.

  • Loan Servicing

    Our team can assist in the servicing of your loan so you stay in compliance with the government guidelines and know you have a secure guarantee throughout the life of the loan.

  • Pre and Post Closing Reviews

    These reviews give your financial institution confidence that your guaranty is secure. Our process is comprehensive and designed to address any outstanding issues prior to or following closing.

  • Workout Assistance

    Our team of SBA experts will ensure your recovery and response time meet SBA guidelines throughout the entire process and will provide assistance in preparing the complete guaranty purchase package documentation for submission.

  • Total Outsource Program

    With SBP, government lending just got easier, more affordable and more profitable.  Working with SBP has many advantages including lower personnel and training costs, as well as facility overhead.  Contracting with SBP for your overflow tasks provides access to a team of experienced professionals, flexible capacity, reduced turnaround time and enables your staff to focus on their core responsibilities and generate additional institutional growth opportunities.

Welcome to SBP

Residential Services Strategic Banking Partners Inc was created on a simple premise.....As SBA Consultants, we challenge ourselves to provide solutions for our clients that are timely, reliable, efficient and improve their bottom line. Our unique backgrounds as bankers and SBA Lenders over a combined 30 year span have given us the perspective necessary to be exceptional partners to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering results that inspire confidence from our clients to enter the SBA lending market.

Our investment in the best proprietary software allows us to provide quality execution in a consistent manner. Our focus is to retain a visionary corporate culture with knowledgeable talent, prudent policies and effective processes. We take a "holistic" approach to help us determine what our clients' needs, concerns and ultimate goals are.