Our Team


  • Mary Wamsley | President/CEO
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    Mary E. Wamsley is President of Strategic Banking Partners. In this position, she has responsibility for the operation of Strategic Banking Partners customer relationships, Commercial and Small Business Loan Underwriting and Servicing.

  • Jessica Hart | Senior Vice President
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    Jessica Hart joined Strategic Banking Partners in March 2011 as the Portfolio Manager. Jessica is responsible for SBA Loan Packaging and Loan Servicing (including 1502 reporting) for our Lending Partners. Jessica is also currently acting as the Office Manager which includes maintaining our IT partnership, software vendors and contracted employees.

  • Margie Englert | Underwriting Manager
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    Margie Englert is the lead Underwriter for Strategic Banking Partners (SBP). In this position, she is responsible for ensuring the quality and compliance of the underwriting with standard financial and accepted credit practices. Margie has been instrumental in defining the Underwriting processes and procedures for SBP.

  • Mike Hart | Packaging Coordinator
    [email protected]

    Mike Hart is the Packaging Coordinator for Strategic Banking Partners (SBP). His role includes responsibility for coordinating the packaging of SBA loans on behalf of our clients and their customers in accordance with the standards set forth in the SOP 50 10 5 and the policies and requirements of SBA One Loan Origination Solution.

  • Jennifer Shankle | Client Support
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    Jennifer Shankle is the Client Support Specialist for Strategic Banking Partners (SBP). Her role includes responsibility for coordinating the receipt and tracking of requests submitted to SBP.

  • Don Wamsley | Director of Operations
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    Don Wamsley is the Director of Operations for Strategic Banking Partners (SBP). In this position he is responsible for coordinating security, regulatory compliance, invoicing, and vendor management. Don is also responsible for the coordinating the development of processes and procedures for the internal and external information flow essential for effective communication between SBP and our clients.

  • Stacey Westbrook | Director of Servicing
    [email protected]

    Stacey Westbrook is Director of Servicing for Strategic Banking Partners (SBP). Her role includes responsibility for coordinating the servicing of loan portfolios on behalf of our clients in accordance with the standards set forth by SBA’s Servicing SOP and the Lender’s internal policies and procedures.

Jessica Hart

Portfolio Manager | [email protected]
Residential ServicesJessica Hart is the Senior Vice President for Strategic Banking Partners. Her current role includes responsibility for SBA Loan Packaging, Closing, Colson 1502 Reporting, and Loan Servicing for our Bank and Credit Union Clients.

Jessica joined Strategic Banking Partners in March 2011 as the Portfolio Manager. She joined Strategic Banking Partners with an extensive background in the residential real estate industry.  She was responsible managing the process to submit real estate mortgage applications under various loan programs which included FHA/VA, Conventional, Purchase, Refinance, Jumbo and Reverse.  Her experience with the various programs, ensuring regulatory compliance, provided her an advantage and strong financial understanding when she joined Strategic Banking Partners. With Strategic Banking Partners, Jessica is able to channel her passion to support small businesses and enabling prospective and current clients to expand and grow in her daily activities.

In addition to her mortgage background, Jessica has retail banking experience and has worked in several small businesses since starting her professional career. This experience gives her insight to understand the small businesses she is assisting and to fulfill the requirements associated with SBA loan requests.

Jessica serves on several industry boards specific to the SBA Lending community. She is currently the President of the Maryland Commercial Lenders Association as well as an Executive Board member of America East Incorporated which sponsors the annual America East Conference. Involvement in the various organizations helps to educate lenders about the benefits of SBA lending to their financial institutions and to the communities within which they reside.

Welcome to SBP

Residential Services Strategic Banking Partners Inc was created on a simple premise.....As SBA Consultants, we challenge ourselves to provide solutions for our clients that are timely, reliable, efficient and improve their bottom line. Our unique backgrounds as bankers and SBA Lenders over a combined 30 year span have given us the perspective necessary to be exceptional partners to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering results that inspire confidence from our clients to enter the SBA lending market.

Our investment in the best proprietary software allows us to provide quality execution in a consistent manner. Our focus is to retain a visionary corporate culture with knowledgeable talent, prudent policies and effective processes. We take a "holistic" approach to help us determine what our clients' needs, concerns and ultimate goals are.